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Flamingo High-low

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Flamingo High-low is a modern and comfortable toilet/bathing chair that fits into every bathroom. The inlay provides warmth and comfort to the user while the elegant design makes it easy for the caregiver to use.

The height adjustable feature eliminates poor posture and allows caregivers to perform bathing and hygiene tasks in a convenient and good working position. The Flamingo High-low has smooth and stepless height adjustment that allows for easy transfer with a hoist, while staying at eye level providing dignity in the process. The Flamingo High-low adjust 8¼" in height, carrying users up to 154 lb.

The Flamingo High-Low is one of the most versatile products on the market with up to five configurations available. It can be used freestanding with a pan, directly over the toilet, as a shower chair as well as the seat is removable for direct mounting on a toilet or in a bath tub.

The Flamingo High-low is available in four sizes


Flamingo High-low size 1 and 2

Flamingo High-low size 3 and 4



Head support
Head support Head support 9903145-00 For correct positioning and support See the Accessories section for further information on options and measurements
Push brace
Provides secure point to maneuver the unit One size
Sides w/upholstery
Provides moderate torso control and positioning
Size Measurements
1 W:3¾ x H:9”
2 W:3¾ x H:9½”
3 W:3¾ x H:10½”
3 W:3¾ x H:12½”
Side supports
Swing away side supports for additional support and safety See the Accessories section for further information on options and measurements
Provides upper arm support and swings away for transfer Size Measurements 1 W:13½ x D:9” 2 W:13¾ x D:9” 3 W:16¾ x D:10 1⁄4” 4 W:18½ x D:10 1⁄4”
Provides upper arm support One size
Commode pan
For use inside or outside the bathroom
Size Measurements
1+2 D:8 1/4 x H:7”
3+4 D:12 1/4 x H:7”
Potty ring
For use over the toilet
Size Measurements
1+2 D: 8¼"
3+4 D: 12¼"
Fitting for toilet mounting
For mounting the Flamingo on an ordinary toilet
Size Measurements
1 W:11½ x D:8”
2 W:12½ x D:10 1⁄4”
3 W:14½ x D:12”
4 W:15½ x D:14”
Mesh vest
For correct positioning and support See the Accessories section for further information on options and measurements
Splash guard, low
880195, 880196
Size Measurements
1-4 Above seat, H:0”
Suction cups
For safe and stable mounting in the bath tub One size
Seat infill
For covering the aperture in the seat
Size Measurements
1 W:4 x D:15¼”
2 W:5 x D:7”
4 W:6 x D:11 1⁄4”
3 W:6 x D:9 1⁄4”
Bigger wheels are available for the Flamingo 4”
Back extension
880118 880119
For size 1+2 For size 3+4
H:4" H:4"
L:6¾-7¾” L:9-10½”
Rod for mounting back extension
Suitable for 880118 and 880119
Size Measurements
One size L:7¾”
Back reinforcement kit
For locking the back recline
Fixed side supports
Potty frame
Low frame for shower or potty training. Suitable for Flamingo seat size 1 and 2.
1 (for seat sz.1)
2 (for seat sz.2)
W:12½ x L:11½ x H:7-8¾"
W:14¼ x L:15¾ x H:9-11"
Push handle
Assisting handle for height adjustment
Size Measurements
1 L: 9¼"
2 L: 12"
Calf Support
For added support and comfort
Size Measurements
1 H:4 x L:42”
Upholstery, seat with wider sides
For comfort and reduced seat width - also making the standard hole narrower
Size Measurements
2 Cushion W:1”
3 Cushion W:1”
4 Cushion W:1”

Technical Specifications

Easy adaptation of working conditions
The smooth height adjustment allows the Flamingo High-low to adjust from 20¾ to 28¾" in height. Height adjustablity eases transfer from/to the chair and provides optimum working conditions

Optimum positioning
The Flamingo High-low offers simple tilt-in-space and back recline functions. It is very easy to position the user with knees higher than the hips which has been proven very effective for the bowel functions

Easy to use
The Flamingo High-low has easy accessible foot pedals for height adjustment and tilt-in-space. The pedals are equipped with security locks for added safety

Bathtime is fun and relaxing
Flamingo High-low is the perfect choice when bathtimes are more than just a quick dip and scrub. The inlay and the back recline function makes it very easy to get comfortable and relaxed