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Flexo Extension

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The patient puts their forearm into a support that holds it in place. The fingers are connected to the elastics by means of fixings put over the fingers like rings.

A sliding adjustable system makes it possible to keep the optimum 90° angle between the phalanxes and the elastics. The tension in the elastics keeps the finger’s flexing muscles extended, changing the passive rigidity over time. Exercises can be done with concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions by the flexing muscles.

The supports are in chromed metal, while the finger inserts are in atoxic imitation leather, and both the length and resistance can be adjusted in each individual finger elastic.


Ergo Table
Individual work aids can also be used while seated, by using this specific fold-away, wall-mounted table.

Technical Spec.

39.5 x 17.5 x 19 h cm
2.3 kg