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Gps 110 Postural Lab

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Proposal of posture analysis laboratory for photographic acquisition of the soles of the feet and hindfoot.

Basic setting of the analyzing system requires the use of the following devices:

  1. 02990 Lux Podoscope (o 02997 Lux Podoscope with colored light)
  2. 02993 Foot Analyzer 2.0.

The Lux Podoscope is a device for the analysis of the foot. It shows the contact of the feet with the ground marking the points of higher or lesser load.

The Foot Analyzer includes two video cameras and a software for the acquisition and handling of images for the feet soles and the hindfoot pressure for a diagnostic evaluation and its comparison by the specialist. The software allows gathering pictures that can be eventually printed, filed or even sent via email.

The following elements are also included as part of the postural lab as we present it here. It is possible, anyway, to order any of the single items separately at any time.

  1. 02999 Desk Top 2.0
  2. 01799 Postural Data Storage
  3. 02105 Postural Data Display
  4. 02104 Postural Data Evidence
  5. 03006 Postural Safe (not illustrated)

For further information, please check the characteristics of each item and the details about the software.


Hindfoot Protractor
Tool designed to measure the alignment of the child's hindfoot. The value of the valgus or the varus is shown in degrees.
Cervical Test
The Cervical Test is an electronic digital helmet for posture analysis and checks movements within the space of the patient's skull.
D'Osualdo Arcometer
The D'Osualdo Arcometer is a validated instrument for non-invasive measurement of kyphosis and lordosis.
Twin Mirror
Twin-mirror is a device for viewing the patient's global posture onto mirrors.
The protractor is a measuring device, used for tracking joint flexibility
A plumb line is a string suspended overhead with a small weight, or plumb bob, attached at the end near the floor, often used as a reference of alignment for the body when examining posture
This piece of equipment allows analysing the difference in level of the iliac crests. For use in assessing dysmetry in the lower limbs.
Inclinometer D'Osualdo
The D'Osualdo Inclinometer is an instrument for measuring the Cobb and gibbus angles.