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Grid Mirror 100 X 170 H Cm

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The grid mirror is glued to an adhesive film for accident prevention with a polystyrene layer and a back MDF closure. So the safety use is always guaranteed by this specific tecnique in production as described. Safety Tests have been made according to the International standard BS 6206:1981 "Specification for impact performance requirements for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings". The British Standard specifies performance requirements and a test method in respect of energy absorption (impact) for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings. These requirements are intended to reduce the risk of injuries caused by cutting and piercing in accidents where these materials are involved.

The frame of the mirror allows both wall mount and trolley installations. In this second case can be added to the mirror the suitable accessory code 03960 "Modular Trolley". This accessory is extremely flexible being applicable to all the range of our plain or grid mirrors, different sizes.

The mirror can be applied in vertical position as standard. Horizontal applications can also be feasible as options and upon request since mirrors have to be adapted in production. The item is supplied with specific hardware.

This kind of product can be used in Rehabilitation Centers, Gyms and Sport Clubs, Schools, Dancing Schools.


Modular Trolley
Painted steel trolley. Fits all mirrors.

Technical Spec.

100 x 170 h cm
Rectangular grids:
10 x 5 cm