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Molift Air ceiling hoist

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Small, compact and easy to install

Functional and well designed
Molift Air is an innovative, functional and well-designed hoisting aid for disabled users. Combined with the Molift Rail System (MRS), Molift Air solves all hoisting situations in health care and other patient handling environments.

Light and flexible
Molift Air is suitable for sitting and horizontal transfers as well as standing and gait training situations together with the comprehensive accessory program from Molift. It is used with fixed ceiling rails, but can also be used for portable freestanding systems. Molift Air is easy to handle during installation and servicing, due to a very low weight and the clever quick release function. Molift Air offers flexible solutions such as remote control and possibilities for room-to-room transfer, due to a very low weight and the clever quick release function system. Molift Air is easy to handle during installation and servicing. Add to this the safety features, the large hoisting interval and the multiple range of sling bars. It is the complete solution in all health care segments.

Easy to installService and maintenance are easy due to the innovative quick release function.

Battery Charger
Wall mounted charger or In-Rail-Charging (IRC).

A large lifting interval
With its standard 3 meters lifting strap Molift Air has one of the largest standard hoisting intervals on the market.

Many options
The lift can be used with both a 2-point and a 4-point sling bar. They are avalibale in two variants and can be interchanged easily without tools.


Molift Stretcher MRI
A flexible and user-friendly scoop stretcher for hospitals and institutions. Apropved and compatible with X-Ray, CT-scan and MRI and works directly with Molift 4-point suspension.
Description Molift Stretcher MRI
Item no. 2150108
Molift Fabric Stretcher
A soft fabric stretcher for horizontal and lateral hoisting. Used in combination with Molift 8-point suspension.
Description M, XL
Item no. 1721520, 1721540
Sling bar
Multiple 2-point and 4 point aluminium sling bar with Quick release coupling to hoisting strap.
Description S, M, L, S, M, L
Item no. 1830003, 1830002, 1830001, 1830012, 1830011, 1830010
Molift Air Scale
The Molift Air scale is approved Class III and complies with all technical standards. It can also calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) with a simple touch.
Description Weight Scale
Item no. 1840000
Propulsion Motor
Driven horizontal transfer along rail.
Description Propulsion Motor, Propulsion Motor
Item no. 2500103, 2520006

Technical Spec.

8.5 kg
360 x 190 x 195 mm
26.4 V NiMh 2.6 Ah
Battery charge time, hours
Battery charger
100–240 V AC, 40–60 Hz
Rated performance
50 hoists at 75 kg
Protection class
Hand control IPX4
Hoist motor IPX4
Service software
Service Tool 4 Included
Safe Working Load SWL
Molift Air 205: 205 kg
Steel and Plastic/ABS housing
Hoisting Speed
60 mm/sec at 75kg load
Molift Air ceiling hoist
Item no.
300 IRC
205 Propulsion
300 Propulsion
205 IRC
205 IRC Propulsion
300 IRC Propulsion