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Physical Analyzer 2.0

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It consists of a platform with an aluminum rod along which one webcam slides vertically. It is supplied with the GPS software that allows acquiring and handling the images of the different body segments and of the foot pressure. It can be used in combination with the Total posture - code 03002. The photo covers the entire body of the person examined, and must also include the mirror at the top.

Usually the first position is frontal, with the person looking in the operator’s direction. The person is asked to take up a natural position and look straight ahead. Typically four photos are acquired: front, left side, back, and right side. The person follows the outline on the platform to position the feet correctly. Another reference point is the centre of the malleolus bone, which must be at right angles and centred in relation to the straight line on the platform for each of the positions indicated. Correct positioning of the feet on the front / rear and sagittal plane allows photography to be repeated at later stages.

Once initial calibration operations have been completed, angular or linear measurements can be taken for various areas of the body, and directly on individual photograph. The measurements taken can be saved along with the photograph itself, in the patient’s electronic folder for the date of the examination. The photo may also show virtual vertical and horizontal lines as a reference for the measurements to be taken. Printer and computer are not included. A postural data display can be ordered as an accessory code 01799 with webcams configuration in advance and GPS software pre-installed.



Computer provided with GPS software pre-installed.
Postural Data Evidence
Full-color printer that can be purchased by the customer. To print the patient's report.
Postural Data Display
It can be used to better showing and explaining patient data collected during a postural analysis session.
Desk Top 2
High desk for the computer in transparent plastic material.
Total Posture
Device typically used for analysing posture in the frontal, posterior and lateral planes. Can be ordered separately or be part of a postural work station.
Total Posture - Wall
Device typically used for analysing posture in the frontal, posterior and lateral planes. Perfect for limited spaces.

Technical Spec.

Picture related to:
40 x 33 x 123 h cm
5 kg
Power supply:
USB 2.0
N.D. / V9099