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Worm Screw

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An aid that is useful for a patient to work independently in order to recover joint function between the interfalanx on the finger and prone-supination.

Executing this task correctly calls for the capacity to open and close the finger, while maintaining a set degree of pronation and supination of the hand. To do this, the subject must combine adequate joint movement and muscular function, with good good coordination of hand movements. The aim is to get to know the fine movements of their hands and how to use them better.

This aid provides the possibility of making a small adjustment to the resistance to rotating the bar. This has 2 difference diameters, in order to make it more suited to the type of exercise / patient.


Joining Set
Joining set for ERGO 10, ERGO 20, ERGO 100, ERGO 200 panels allows to put them side by side.
Ergo 100
This is an advanced, configurable panel that can be wall-mounted. The panel is set up to house up to four work modules, which can be chosen freely from the libraries available.
Tilt Ergo 1
This support structure makes it possible to vary the tilt on an individual work aid by 0° to 90°, and can be adjusted to any intermediate position.
Ergo 400
This is an advanced wall-mounted panel, set up for using a single work aid at a time. The module is inserted by sliding in specific guides, and locked in place using a lever device.

Technical Spec.

39.5 x 17.5 x 15 h cm
2 kg